About Kristen

Most people by the time they are 30 years old have graduated college and been established in their career or hometown for a few years, but that isn’t my adulting story. Living a nontraditional life I have learned a lot of maybe not so random skills, which has lead me to start this blog.  More and more women can relate to what seems like an nontraditional life but oh so often we feel alone in our story.  I hope by sharing the milestones and moments of my story will resonate with you in some way.  This blog isn’t just for medical wives, though I will blog and have guest writers to share topics that are specific to helping the journey of medical school be one we look back on with joy and not “Whew! Glad that is over!” thoughts.

My husband and I moved to Fuquay-Varina, NC in March of 2017 during his first year of medical school at Campbell University. We found out we were pregnant in August 2016, the day I started my new teaching job and the week after he started his first year of medical school. How about that timing? During our third year of medical school we had our 2nd child, Warren. Our children bring much joy to our lives and my role as a mom has felt more natural than I ever expected.

Yet, I love mentoring other women through developing The White Coat Wife, spending time with other medical school wives through our local Side by Side ministry, and leading my Beautycounter team I am able to live this out. I’ve recently added teaching with VIPKID to fulfill my desire to teach again and increase our household income in preparation for residency interview costs. Working from home with flexible income and hours is the perfect fit during a season of raising two babies and being present in my medical marriage.

My heart is for women to feel confident in their story that is being written. You will find so much wisdom from the guest blog posts that makes up as much of this blog as my own story. Every marriage is different and every story unique, but we can grow much from those who share our similar experiences. Our posts are chalked full of lessons learned through the moments and milestones of the life of a medical wife.