Ways I Survived Medical School and Residency as a Medical Spouse

When you are the spouse of someone in medical school, trying to figure out some semblance of balance in your life can be challenging at best! Really, this is a struggle for anyone with a spouse who either works a ton, has an irregular or unpredictable schedule, or… both.

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Supporting Your Spouse’s Decision to do a Fellowship

If your husband is in the midst of a residency program, I feel quite certain that I know your feelings about him completing a fellowship. You are over it. You’ve been doing this already far, FAR too long, and you’re ready to move on to the rest of your life. You want your man back…

However. HOWEVER. There are several reasons why a fellowship might be in the best interest of your husband’s future (and subsequently, yours!)

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Simplify the Chaos

I have learned that the key to feeling like I can reasonably stay on top of things is to create as much margin as possible in my life.

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