Cleaner Living



Family health is a growing passion of mine.  One of my goals in life is to pursue things that energize and satisfy.  I’ll be sharing our family’s journey to cleaner and safer diets, household cleaners, and personal care products.

To help reduce you and your loved ones chance of environmental factors influencing geneotoxicity, breast cancer, and thyroid issues checkout The Never List™ of ingredients to avoid in your household and personal care products.

This is survey the best and easiest way to find the products and regimen your skin needs to look and feel its best! After answering the short set of questions you will receive a customized simple recommendations based on skincare goals you have and any issues you might be having.

We need more people to help with this important mission. If you are ready to learn you can monetize your commitment to cleaner living and educating others, I would love to help you develop your business. People will not know unless we tell them. Don’t wait for someone else to ‘take the job’. I stand behind Beautycounter. The transparency of the company along with the high performance of the products provides families I care about with a solution to our need for safer ingredients.