3 Biggest Challenges Of Medical Marriages During Residency (And How To Over come Them)

You need to connect, connect, connect — as much as you can.

I don’t care how you do it, but do it.

Even if it’s a text, phone call, FaceTime, or quick 🍆

Send pics, make jokes, and make them realize (and miss!) what they’re missing out at home.

Obviously there will be times when they won’t respond like while they’re seeing patients or in a procedure. (But be reassured, they would respond if they could.) But keep trying to connect.

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Preparing as a Couple for Boards Season

During seasons of added responsibilities our roles may need to be readjusted—we may have to fulfill new roles that don’t come naturally in order to encourage our spouse to thrive in the place they are needed. Rather than allowing resentment to creep in through jealousy and comparison, work toward supporting one another in your *shared* vision and watch how appreciation will bloom and flourish in your marriage…even during this busier than normal season!

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Stolen Joy: A Pitfall of Comparison

Emily Vacek has not always bloomed where she was planted. But through the hard and life of endless transitions as a fellows wife, she has grown in wisdom. I just love how open Emily is with her story and how she puts words to the comparison struggle we all face at one time or another. […]

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We can choose to carry unforgiveness around. Let’s face it, we all get hurt by harsh words, severe wounds caused by people we have trusted and loved, or even just being stood up by a friend because she got busy and forgot the date. But unforgiveness becomes a heavy burden we drag around. Then the next injury makes it heavier, it begins to pile and turn to bitterness. It affects our marriage, new friendships, and family.

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