Our Experience from the frontlines of COVID-19

Our closest friends and family often don’t realized the day in and day of out of life of our calling to medicine…But listening for understanding is always helpful! As someone who’s mission is to advocate for you and your families health”, I’ve been very slow and spars with sharing our families experience during the COVID pandemic, but as numbers continue to rise in the United States it seems like the appropriate time.

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The Risk of Taking a Day Off

It was hard for him to rest though, at first…He felt like he as falling behind. That his classmates would get the upper hand and he would suffer for it. But he never did. His grades never went down, he never felt behind in class or in simulations. He felt like he was retaining more information during the week.

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Supporting Your Spouse’s Decision to do a Fellowship

If your husband is in the midst of a residency program, I feel quite certain that I know your feelings about him completing a fellowship. You are over it. You’ve been doing this already far, FAR too long, and you’re ready to move on to the rest of your life. You want your man back…

However. HOWEVER. There are several reasons why a fellowship might be in the best interest of your husband’s future (and subsequently, yours!)

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