When “You Got This!” Isn’t Enough

I think the truth is that many of us find ourselves still “performing” long after the curtains have closed. We keep acting like the show goes on, but its time for an intermission.

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Supporting Your Spouse’s Decision to do a Fellowship

If your husband is in the midst of a residency program, I feel quite certain that I know your feelings about him completing a fellowship. You are over it. You’ve been doing this already far, FAR too long, and you’re ready to move on to the rest of your life. You want your man back…

However. HOWEVER. There are several reasons why a fellowship might be in the best interest of your husband’s future (and subsequently, yours!)

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Away Rotations: Weekdays Apart, Weekends Together

We both feel our marriage has been strengthened by the time apart these past two weeks. After three years of marriage and one toddler, it’s so easy to be in each others presence but not present.

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